Experience Designer

Every day, every space, every conversation is an experience. Our experiences shape and inform who we become and our view of the world. Starting with the end and creating an arc that engages mind, emotions, heart and senses can move you toward becoming more of the person you were created to be. It may be an event, a production, a retreat, a speaker, a book, a room or even a meal – designing every variable with careful intent orchestrates movement.

Creative Collaborator

Create. Change. Restore. Recycle.  Seeing the possibilities of what could be and should be and how to get there requires vision and creativity. Collaborating with others who create, inspire and evaluate from their unique perspective ensures the best possible solution.

Curator of Beauty

Seeking and savoring beauty everywhere is my passion –  in nature, art, architecture and design as much as in relationships, circumstance, people and experiences.  In its purest form it’s anything or anyone coming into the fullness of what it was intended to do or be – the harmony of form and function. But it can also be a reflection of the creator or The Creator for the sake of beauty itself.  And sometimes, it’s discovery, appreciated by the proverbial “eye of the beholder”, found in the most unexpected places.

Betty Blake Churchill

My Story

From the time I was in third grade and felt compelled to draw every flower shown in the F  Worldbook Encyclopedia, I’ve had some appreciation and awareness of beauty and good design. I thought for sure I would grow up to be a graphic designer. Then, after inheriting some not-so-valuable-but-lovely-nonetheless antiques from my grandparents, I was going to be an auctioneer at Sotheby’s of London. And then finally, in college, an entrepreneur. I would own my own design firm and make millions by 30. So…. that did not happen exactly, at least not yet.

I’ve followed a different, but adventurous path. It’s only recently I’ve had the realization that though my title has never officially been Designer until recently, that’s what I’ve always done in every job I’ve had, in every home I’ve lived in, and with so many friends along the way – I’ve designed and created transformational experiences and spaces. That’s who I am. Sometimes it’s been in creating a conference experience, designing a stage, developing a marketing strategy, doing art direction for an event, hosting a meal, leading a group discussion or even writing an article or giving a talk. All of it has been intentionally designed to create an experience that connects to the heart. Only now, mid-life, I’m coming full circle to pursue those original dreams more intentionally. I am a designer, and an entrepreneur. I’m not interested in just making something look good, I’m interested in creating beauty in the world and in the spaces where we all live, love and do life together.